Our Strategies


There is no gainsaying that Vehicle Owners all over the country form a vital and important segment of the society in which they live. They are the foundation of our society. Their energies, inventiveness, character and orientation define the pace of development and security of a nation. Through their creative talents and labour power, a nation makes giant strides in economic and socio-political attainments. In their dreams and hopes, a nation finds her motivation: On their energies, she builds her vitality and purpose. Vehicle Owners cut across the upper echelon of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), the Trade Union Congress and other bodies in between the two. They represent the influential class of the National Labour force.

To promote values and altitudes that enhance communal life on and off the road which would ultimately lead to remarkable behavioral change among Vehicle Owners, we have articulated some set of strategies that will drive the objectives of VOAN.

VOAN also serve as an intermediary, interfacing between the government and the Vehicle Owners on matters that relate to their welfare and other Vehicle transport related challenges. I.e. to draw government attention to the plight of Vehicle Owners and encourage the Government to respond appropriately.


This is the process of providing the Vehicle Owners with the information and resources necessary for analyzing issues that affect their lives and environment. Through sensitization seminars, workshops and lectures we can enhance information flow among Vehicle Owners that enable them become agents of change in their community and the society and also achieve our collective goals. 


Information plays a vital role in wealth generation, safety and compliance with rule of law. Information is the critical economic resource in today’s world.  We believe that Vehicle Owners must be economically empowered through access to business, social and economic information. Access to maintenance information, vehicle finance and other related information will make the Vehicle Owners improve economically.

Organizing nation wide Summit/Conferences in collaboration, partnership and support from both public and private organization and other relevant stakeholders would go a long way to drive this objective.


The social media has become one of the fastest and most accessible tool of communication. The social media has been used both positively and negatively. The purpose of our online engagement with VOAN members through www.vehicleownersafrica.org is to disseminate useful information online, real-time to VOAN members for their benefits and to also interact with VOAN secretariat in Abuja and other states’ offices for registration and other collaborative processes that is time bound.


  • Use website, facebook, blog and twitter to pass positive information to VOAN members.
  • Set agenda for patriotic discourse by introducing healthy debate on Vehicle Owners’ welfare and national interest.
  • Conduct e-polling that will grow strong positive public opinion in support of government commitment to its citizen especially Vehicle Owners as important segment of the society.
  • Conduct e-polling that will grow strong positive public opinion in support of any given individual, Government Official, Vehicle Manufacturer, Vendor, Service provider or related industries towards the annual awards and honors by board of trustee and national executive council of VOAN.
  • Counter propaganda that aims to cause disunity amongst Vehicle Owners.



This is also another platform where information goes out to the public very fast. Having invited guests, VOAN members and the leadership on the platform to discuss insightful ways to address issues and share ideas will be of great benefit to the Vehicle Owners and the nation.

The VOAN team will embark on advocacy visits to media houses to sell our vision to Chief Executive Officers, News Editors and correspondents and enlist their support and cooperation. Some key media players and others will be identified and conferred with the title of “VOAN Ambassadors” to help drive the vision. 


Our advocacy work is centered on

  • Access to quality road network in Nigeria
  • Regulatory/policy abuse prevention
  • Access to quality vehicle consumables like oil & Gas, spare-parts etc
  • Environmental pollution sensitization
  • Equal right on high way by all road users
  • Proliferation of uniform men and harassment on high ways

Carry out regular sensitization and awareness campaign across town and cities in Nigeria in collaboration with all relevant bodies such as the FRSC, VIO, POLICE, CIVIL DEFENCE, CUSTOMS, FEDERAL MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTAND FEDERAL MINISTRY OF WORKS e.t.c

To also push for policies and laws through the federal government to outlaw the incessant damaging and digging across the road by some communities as a way of vehicle speed-break which at the long run ruin the entire patch of road.