Our Collaborations


VOAN Strategic Collaborative Effort with the COMMERCIAL BANKS THROUGH THE CENTRAL BANk of nigeria (CBN)

The Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN) is in the process of Establishing a Strategic Collaborative Effort with the Commercial Banks in Nigeria through the CBN to deepen Consumer Loan Facility of Auto financing by Commercial Banks in the country.

This is going to be One of VOAN’s partnership with corporate Nigeria, which will be mutually beneficial to both our members and the Banks. The collaboration is to offer comfort to the Banks while also making it easier for our members to enjoy the Banks’ auto loan facilities.

With the tale of accumulated bad debts incurred by the various Banks vis-a-vis the recent implementation of TSA by the various tiers of Government, VOAN hope to strike a balance between the borrowers and the Banks by leveraging on group pressure which shall be mounted on the borrowers to honor their repayment obligations to the Banks.

While group strategy would give Banks rapid market penetration into VOAN large membership base which stands at over 20 million, VOAN has perfected the ingenuity of organizing and structuring our members to enjoy the services of the finance institutions by ensuring that the credit facilities created remain healthy throughout their tenors.

Under this arrangement, while a Bank extends credit to VOAN member as an individual in a group, the concomitant group pressure that will come to bear on the obligor is a potent weapon that will ensure payback by the borrower.

The process involved is for a potential obligor to simply obtain clearance from any of the VOAN offices nationwide or through the online channel on www.vehicleownersafrica.org. This service is at no cost to the Bank. As a well structured group, VOAN has put in place effective ways of punishing erring members while offering comfort to the Banks.

VOAN Strategic Collaborative Efforts with the FRSC, NEMA, VIO and POLICE

VOAN would ensure the integrity of our data so that they can be used by the police for investigation and other Government Agencies in their daily operations. Read more…

VOAN Strategic Collaborative Efforts with the Insurance and Tracker Companies

VOAN would align with some credible Insurance and Vehicle tracking firms to ensure the benefits to our members. Read more…

VOAN Strategic Collaborative Efforts with the ‘Road Contract’ awarding Arms of the 3 tiers of Government

VOAN as a stakeholder in every road construction project across the country would align with all the organs of the 3 tiers of Government and parastatals that award contracts to ensure that roads are constructed in line with agreed standards and the process devoid of corruption. Read more…