1. To work towards the enhancement of the country’s security by embarking on drivers and vehicle owners detail profiling to maintain sound database which would be helpful and handy for security purposes.
2. To constitute into an effective pressure group that will drive through legislations aimed at enhancing the enabling environment for healthy driving style, effective transportation laws, contribute to and reshape the transportation policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria and ultimately expedite the much needed reform in the transport sector through expert & popular opinions, thus promoting the interests of members.
3. To make itself available as stakeholder in partnership with COREN Engineers, as third party in the supervision of road projects to ensure that roads are constructed according to agreed standards by Contractors in order to curb substandard road constructions by incompetent contractors.
4. To put in place effective legal and moral structure towards curbing human right abuses against Vehicle Owners by other road users and communities living along major high ways in the country.
5. To Collaborate with some Government & non-Governmental Agencies towards promoting the interest and progress of Vehicle Owners e.g. Vehicle loan ‘comfort letter’ issuance to commercial Banks un-behalf of members etc
6. To deliberately and systematically cause the mopping up of road unworthy, rickety and scrapped vehicles from Nigerian roads using novel ideas like ‘vehicle trees’, a self-help contributory scheme by members which is intended to lower the hurdle of acquiring road-worthy vehicles, while rickety and scrapped vehicles shall be channeled to the Vehicle Recycling Plant where they will be used as raw materials.
7. To render emergency assistance to all members across the country in collaboration with the FRSC, VIO and NEMA using a unique Vehicle Membership Tag number that would be linked to our Network Control Centre.
8. To Use the economy of scale and size to negotiate subsidized purchase pricing for members e.g. vehicle Purchases, Tracking , Insurance etc
9. To Provide daily sound knowledge through all our online platforms with all the rich information contained their in and the ability of members to interact directly with the VOAN secretariat.
10. To Protect Vehicle Owners from exploitation through unjustifiable increase in the cost of vehicle related services and products and further draw Government attention to the plight of Vehicle Owners and encourage it to respond appropriately.
11. To develop strategies that would curb road carnage, emission control, road damages and compliance with Government regulation by its members.