Voan has been granted authorization by the appropriate Government organ as a non-profit and non-governmental Organization in fulfillment of members desire to come together as one body for the purpose of promoting their common interests.

Every Vehicle owner in Nigeria is eligible and deemed a bona-fide member of VOAN, while the registration is free. We are interfacing with the various Government agencies to continuously up-date our membership information. However, since assistance must be offered and not imposed, the payment of N1,000.00 (One thousand Naira only), being the annual subscription for each vehicle entitles the affected vehicle to the following assistance and also serves as a link between the financial members and our network control room in case of emergency and other interventions needed from the Association in respect of each vehicle.


  1. Vehicle Tag with Unique Membership number for each vehicle which when sent to our control room during emergency bring you instant help while we contact your family.
  2. Vehicle sticker with a crucial message inscribed in it.
  3. Vehicle decorative Emblem which you hang on the inside roof mirror.
  4. Issuance of “Letter of Comfort” and facilitation of the ₦7.5billion Federal Government Car Loan Scheme on behalf of financial members.
  5. Subsidized payment rate for vehicle tracking & Insurance from our partners.
  6. Special discount for your vehicle purchases from our partners.
  7. Access to all our online platforms with all the rich information contained their in and your ability to interact directly with the VOAN secretariat.
  8. Benefits from all other arrangements which are ongoing with the various stakeholders, Banks and vendors in the auto industries such as access to Vehicle loans from Banks and so on.
  9. Protection of Vehicle Owners from exploitation through unjustifiable increase in the cost of services and products .
  10. Third party supervision of road projects by VOAN Engineers to ensure that roads are constructed according to agreed standards.
  11. Intervention using the Association’s high powered legal team when ever you clash with other road users especially Commercial motorcycle operators (aka Okada) as they are good in setting vehicles ablaze and lynching the owner without recourse to the law. Such matter shall be pursued using every available legal means and to the highest court in Nigeria without you spending a penny until justice is done!

Terms and Conditions Apply

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