Advertise With Us

Advertise With Us

We can reach the world from here! …Yes, We Can!

Some couple of years ago, Barak Obama ran for President of the United States under the catchy slogan, Yes, We Can. His gaze was fixed on America and her highest office. But the world is bigger than America – much bigger.

We at Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria offer our platforms to Companies in the auto and auto finance industry to show-case what they have for Nigerians, Diaspora Nigerians, Africans and the whole world!

Nigeria is at a vantage position to sustain a viable automotive sector. Nigeria’s potential vehicle market is over a million annually with increasing capacity for more. Forecasts have it that the Nigerian market will soon become the major hub of automotive business in Africa and therefore a market any serious investor cannot ignore in the automotive industry.

By advertising on our online channels, print magazines, coupons, brochures and event arenas, your products and services would be offered to the world!

However, this advert offer is restricted to products and services we endorses or Companies that we are in association with!

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