About Us

The Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN) is an umbrella organization for all Vehicle Owners in Nigeria. It is the principal agency and an umbrella body of the organized Vehicle Owners in Nigeria both in public and private sectors, recognized by government and approved by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria – to facilitate the new regime of effective transportation system, Vehicle Owners welfare, easier vehicle ownership strategies and safe motoring culture & practice in Nigeria through advocacy, collaborations, membership enlightening and membership solidarity taking advantage of the cutting edge technological deployment in the online environment.

Having firmly and solemnly resolved to come together in unity and harmony as one indivisible people, we are consciously dedicated to promote peace, co-operation and understanding among ourselves and have adopted a constitution for the purpose of promoting the good governance, welfare and progress amongst us on the principle of freedom, equity and justice.

Since its formation, the Association has gained increased credibility and prestige. With membership strength of over 20 million members and still counting, the Association is capable of meeting the expectations of all its stakeholders, and serving as an effective pressure group that will drive through legislations aimed at enhancing the enabling environment for healthy driving style, effective transportation laws, prevention of motorist exploitations and safe motoring practice at the National Assembly; contribute to and reshape the transportation policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria, State Governments and other stakeholders in the value chain; expedite the much needed reform in the transport sector, and thus promote the interests of VOAN members. Most governments in the modern times have been evaluated by their scorecard in the transportation sector.

Voan’s core activities shall be more tech-driven safety enlightenment, strategic planning, mobilization, advocacy, collaborations and implementation of Government policies vis-a-vis defense and economic empowerment of its members than mere association engaged in partying and merry making!

We would be focusing on improving road transportation experience for everyone by developing and incubating urban techniques to address issues like vehicle theft, making vehicle ownership easy, preventing unjustifiable increase in cost of services & products  and low-cost maintenances, efficient transportation system and energy usage, in collaboration with the various players in the value chain including the Government.

We are at the beginning of an historic transformation in vehicle ownership, safe motoring experience and culture building, especially coming at a time when the concerns about urban safety, cost of acquiring vehicles, exploitations, health and the environment are intensifying, unprecedented ideological and cultural change in the automobile segment of the society is going to enable rural areas, cities and their dwellers to be more efficient, responsive, compliant, flexible and resilient.

VOAN will play a major role in developing strategies to curb road carnage, emission control, and compliance with Government regulation by its members, lower the hurdle of acquiring road-worthy vehicles, reduce abuse & exploitation of vehicle owners and road damages.

VOAN is a modest Welfare Association, but one that we hope can really empower and improve people’s lives and safety through enlightenment, collaborations and actions. In this regard, we are confident to declare here that gone are the days that commercial Motorcycle Operators (aka Okada) and other aggrieved groups would lynch vehicle owners and set their vehicles ablaze without recourse to the law! Such matter would be pursued to it logical conclusion by VOAN using every available legal means without the victim spending his money. In the same way, part of the medium term plan of VOAN is to establish nationwide rescue team after securing approval from the appropriate organ of the Government to ensure that distress calls to our network control room gets immediate response through the intervention of the rescue teams to be stationed nationwide.

As more and more people in our dear country acquire vehicles for various reasons, the opportunities for improving our urban environments, ensure the safety of our roads and on our roads are endless.

Again, there is no problem so bad that it cannot be made worse! As violence, illegal extortions & exploitation of motorists and other crimes against vehicle owners get more daring, as infrastructural decay, road unworthy vehicles, substandard road constructions by incompetent contractors and daily harassment becomes the lot of vehicle owners in our country, VOAN has positioned itself to take all the challenges head-on. Read more on ‘Membership and Benefits’

Now it’s time to hit the streets and get to work!