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22 December 2015





As articulated by Vehicle Owners Association of Nigeria (VOAN) to set an agenda for sustainable Vehicles and other products manufacturing in Nigeria.

This private Bill shall be presented in the first quarter of next year 2016 seeking for an act to grant concessionary Nigerian citizenship for all decent, hard working, artistic & technologically skilled African Descendants with single citizenship outside Africa and Madagascar.

While this is intended to be the shortest bill with an international impact, it envisage a right that should be granted to decent, skilled and hard working people of African descends with Single citizenship outside Africa and Madagascar by the Nigerian Government to apply and be granted Nigerian citizenship for sustainable capacity building in artistic and technological capabilities in Nigeria. This bill when passed into law will greatly enhance the benefits of the bill for Rapid Industrial Capacity Development currently on the floor of the House of Assembly.

The Nigerian government upon the passage of this bill into law is to grant citizenship concession covering all skilled African descends with single citizenship in the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia continents only.

Justification and Supporting facts:

  1. Statistically Nigeria has the largest land mass in Africa next to Sudan.
  2. The USA green visa lottery program which can be likened to this bill has been pulling productive population into America from all over the world yearly partly making America the strongest Nation on earth.
  3. Due to aging and diminishing population and workforce in Germany, the country recently offered over 500 jobs for skilled refugee workers and has been welcoming refugee to their country in recent time.
  4. This bill is in tandem with the spirit, objective and the underlying Philosophy of formation of socio-economic blocs such as the Euro zone, African union etc
  5. The UN would consider Nigeria above other nations for permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

Advantages include:

  1. Social re-union and Global re-integration of the African Descendants: The return of best brains to Africa, while reducing brain-drain out of Africa
  2. The inflow of developmental resources – materials and financials.
  3. The Increase in productive population
  4. Increase in Nigeria military capabilities arising from the home coming of foreign trained military experts of African Descends.
  5. Also while they remain outside our shore, they may move their substantial business interests and investments to Nigeria being their naturalized home thereby boosting our GDP and rebooting our economy.
  6. Steady inflow of foreign exchange into Nigeria thereby strengthening the Naira against other internationally quoted currencies.
  7. In future could lead to the making of another ‘Barack Obama’ (American president) with Nigerian citizenship!
  8. This will ultimately make Nigeria the largest economy in Africa on sustainable bases and also the largest market for products and services.
  9. Nigeria would become the ultimate continental and regional super power in Africa.
  10. Nigeria would then be considered for a permanent seat in UN Security Council.